Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Roadtrip: The Sequel

Over the weekend, I got to take yet another roadtrip headed up by the guys at section303.com, and had an awesome time, despite another loss. I just wanted to share a few experiences and thoughts in the limited time I have to blog today.
  • I'm a guy that typically lives life on the edge; Saturday morning was no different. We were instructed to arrive at the place of departure no later than 10:00, as the bus would pull out at that exact time. Due to unforeseen circumstances (witnessing an accident/giving report to police officer), I arrived at... you guessed it, 9:59. As I was getting ready to board the bus, some genius (I still don't know who) decided to start up a "Josh, you suck!" chant. I boarded the bus laughing, and I'm still laughing about it today. I was on time. Barely.
  • Much like an ordinary trip, time was spent watching movies and chatting. Prizes were also raffled off, and I won a Milwaukee Admirals 2007-2008 yearbook, autographed by Pekka Rinne. Not sure where or who it came from, but it's awesome.

Pekka's head looks a little small...

  • If you haven't seen it yet, Dan Bradley debuted a brand spanking new intro video that he put together himself. Give it a look if you have a few extra minutes. A job well done, sir.
  • Kris Martel of The Predatorial recommended Imo's Pizza as the pregame meal to myself, fellow Asian brother Justin Bradford, and Amanda DiPaolo of Predlines. I now also recommend it as well if you're ever in the area; fantastic pizza.
  • Now, to the hockey-related stuff. I got into the arena about an hour before opening faceoff, and as I was walking around, I was blown away by the sheer number of Preds fans that I encountered. When I ventured over to warmups, there were fans all around the outside of the glass on the end where Nashville was warming up. Seeing something like that in Atlanta was one thing; seeing it in St. Louis is something else.
Awesome sign...

Suter telling the boys how it's done...

Fear the beard!

All of the pictures I took can be viewed here; I only got pictures during warmups, as my camera sucked at taking pictures during gameplay.
  • Chicago's "tradition" when it comes to the national anthem pisses me off. What happened in St. Louis sent chills up my spine. The performer started the anthem, then backed off, but the crowd kept going. And it was loud. THAT is the way the anthem should be performed; just sing the song.
  • For your viewing pleasure, the first 41 seconds of gameplay, as well as the first boos from the home crowd. You'll have to listen closely for them; Andrea was just a tad loud. Haha. (Sorry for the poor quality and the shakiness of the camera; I had the sudden urge to scratch an itch right as I started recording...)
  • One thing is certain: going to a road game and not being able to celebrate a goal SUCKS. A credit to St. Louis' fans: they were eliminated from playoff contention awhile back, but their fans still came out in droves tonight. They were loud... but not nearly as loud as the Bridge.
  • Being underage meant my night was over after the game. So... yeah. I've got nothing.
  • By the way, I was fifteen minutes early to the bus on Sunday morning, and I was still last. Go figure.
Thanks again to Patten, Jeremy, and Codey for putting together the trip. If you didn't get a chance to go this season, don't miss out next season; it's a blast.

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