Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blues 2, Preds 0: Short, and to the point

I'm not going to even bother recapping the game. What is there to recap? Outside of Pekka Rinne keeping us in the game and giving us a chance to win (again), I can't think of one positive to take from this game. The Preds knew what they had to do. Win, and home ice advantage in the first round was theirs. Lose, and their goal of advancing past the first round would get a little harder.

Give credit to St. Louis: they had the opportunity to play spoiler, and they played the role to perfection. An enormous egg was laid, and now Detroit, Anaheim, or San Jose await once the playoffs commence in a matter of days. It's not exactly what most fans were envisioning 24 hours ago, but bottom line, the Preds now have another opportunity to get the first-round monkey off their back. The next two weeks will tell whether or not this team has what it takes.

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